This is the work that I have done in my bachelor's project.


The report is attached, and the source code can be found at github

Download this file (Bachelorprojekt.apk)Bachelorprojekt.apk[The app I implemented]522 kB
Download this file (Bachelorprojekt.pdf)Bachelorprojekt.pdf[ ]1357 kB

Made for personal use but is available for everyone.


Feel free to place comments or feature requests


Get it on Google Play

This is an application created to predict the outcome of soccer matches using some basic AI techniques; mostly used are k nearest neighbours and naive bayes.
Generally guesses about 50% right.

I only created this to learn some basic AI.

Speet is sports matchup service for iOS and Android. It allows you to post sport activities for others to join or for you to find activities to join.


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